A new 'heat' companion

Recently i had to bid adieu to my close companion, and a new substitute has come in to my life!
Its my bike!
My old splendor plus, who has been with me always is now with my uncle, who iam sure will take care well. In 2004 February Splendor had stepped in to my life, earlier i had to miss many important situations, occassions while going by bus. And sometimes i had top depend on others' vehicle to move to places while on some beats. But after i got my bike, my work became easy, and its simplicity and a kind of 'no problem' attitude had made me hero honda fan.
I have had tour to madikeri twice(which were long trips), ramachandrapur matth once and during that time there was no fuss in the bike. I had to rush to airport which is quite a bit far away many a times when some or the other VIP landed. In all my journey not even a single time my bike had given any trouble. He was 100 per cent in his duty. But since he belonged to 98 cc category, i could not rush to the spots during emergencey.
Even my uncle needed a second hand HH splendor, so he found my bike as satisfactory.
Now my friend is in my uncle's home, where he wont have to face theiron ore dust nor mud on the road like earlier. I wish a healthy life to him!
Now coming to my new friend, Suzuki Heat. He is a newcomer to the market, 125 cc, more power, good look, and hope he is a nice performer. Great thing is that i can ride in 20 kmph speed even when on 5th gear! Mileage is also good.
So welcome suzuki, bye bye hero honda!

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