Daily dose of yoga

I do not know what others have to say about this, but I must say that I’ve been benefited by daily yoga.

May be, many of you would agree with me that guided yoga is sure to be helpful in maintaining body control, and maintaining the body shape.
Studied in a hostel with distinction, i.e siddhavana gurukula in a way has kindled in me interest fort yoga. Some experts taught us practicing yoga there, and after about 5-6 years, now I have understood the importance of yoga.
A daily bike rider on a potholed highway, should have brought some kind of joint pain or back ache to me. But I feel that my adherence to daily exercise has successfully protected me from these ailments.
I do not practice toughest asanas, but a daily blend of simple asanas, suryanamaskar, and a few athletic exercises, keep me in tact whole day.
Padmasana, vajrasana, dhanurasana, bhujangasana, sarvangasana, veerabhadrasana, parvatasana, navasana, ardhanavasana, and a few moderations in these asanas. I don’t follow all these daily, but alternatively. Few push ups, chin ups, sit ups(for keeping belly in control J), are in my daily menu. It won’t take more than 35 minutes in the morning.
I feel fit in body, and feel the peace in my mind.
Exercise, has almost become my part of life and, my duty requires utmost concentration, and filed work too, which I think i could manage easily, only because of my practice.
Very recently after watching Ramdev’s yoga and pranayam feats, I too have brought his pranayam VCD, and trying to follow them.
If any of you have a mind in doing yoga, please get the guidance of a guru, or follow simplest yogasana. I am sure you would benefit by this.

Sad demise of Steve Irwin

The death of a foreigner has really struck me, for the first time. Even though some foreigner's death has caused me concern, it has never touched my heart, but this green eyed person's death has really dampened my eyes.
Whenever i switched on TV, i would just have a look in to either discovery, animal planet or National Discovery.
Those are my all-time favourites, since they cater to my inherent surprise and quest to know about the world. And among these channels, animal planet was grabbing my attention, primarily due to this amazing personality-i.e Steve Irwin.
His ever-smiling face, kiddish acts with animals, entertaining and breathtaking endevours very soon has given Animal Planet a special attraction. His sad demise is sure to be a loss not only to channel, but for those who love nature, and fauna.
For more info about this amazing personality click here

a seascape

This is another piece of work in ms paint, a landscape. hope you would enjoy.