Fragrance of life

Have you been to any old temple?, I am referring to those, whose history can be traced back to a thousand years and more...
If you have then, you might have noticed a kind of redolence, that actually transforms the ambience peaceful and closer to your heart. Mixture of oil, incence sticks, the smoke of aarti etc. all create an unusual kind of smell, which soothens mind and body. But you will not find such smell in those temples run in corporate style. Where a devotee is more treated like a customer!
The fragrances close to our heart are, undoubteldy the smell of first rain, baby's smell, a mango tree when in full bloom, and their likes......
Even now i enjoy the smell of first rain. That smell is enjoyable, since the rain itself comes when we are expecting it for long. When an infant places its tiny arms and hugs you closely, that affection, that warmth and sweet smell emanating from the baby brings peace to mind.
I've also noticed a fragrance in rice mills when they steam the paddy before drying. I dont know whether these kind of smells have positive impact on body. But flowers are used in aromatic treatment, which itself is an indication of the positive impact of fragrances on body. At least these give you mental happiness, which is invaluable.


mouna said...

corporate temples, everything under transformation! apart from the mentioned, temples obviously provide a sense of peace. the smell of the first rain, the joy that one obtains from cradling a bay, is enormous, u said it right!

sudhanva said...

keep it up.
which font u r using in kannada blog?

Mahesh said...

Its right, as you said the fragrance you cant find in Corporate temples.
But as you said, the smell of first rain (Mann Kammena), rice mills. I dnt know whetheriy has positive or negative impact on body. I am feeling good when i smell all those...!!!

Ashley said...

Once the fragrance (or odor!) of something or some place is acknowledged and filed away in our memories, it is amazing how easily an otherwise, unimportant event can be recalled just by arousing our olfactory senses!

Many people underestimate the power of smell.

Interesting post!

VENU VINOD said...

MOUNA, i think temples must remain the places of worship and not the places for money making, keep sharing the views, thanks

SUDHANVA, i use baraha font for posting in kannada, thanks for words of appreciation

MAHESH,i too dont know about the impact of smeells on us, but i know they bring joy to us.

ASHLEY, welcome to my blog and keep visiting