Life saving trek !

You would have heard or read about some of the bravery acts of dogs. But this account is something different.
Recently i had gone on a trek to a beautiful hillock called Ethina Bhuja(means shoulder of ox). No doubt our trek was a successful and relishing one. But a good thing during our journey atop the hillock was that we could save one life!

We a team of 12 people started our journey early morning, and after being bitten by umpteen number of leaches, all were tired and still hurrying to reach the top of hillock. We reached a place where the edge of forest met the green grassland. And some of us sat there just to have a brief relaxation. And we heard a strange voice of crying. 'It must be the voice of some bird', Nagesh, our team member uttered. But our guide, Eshwaranna, person from Shishila village, told it would be dog. He further elaborated that sometimes cattle caretakers from Bhyrapur village(in Chikkamagalur district) come to the hillock, to graze their cattle with their dogs, and sometime dogs get missed out in the jungle. We were still not beleiving his words.
But.....he was true. Very soon we spotted a feeble, pup haplessly crying out, abandoned to no where in the dense forest of western ghats!
'Look is a dog, either came with village people from otherside of the hill, and missed out here or came with cattles, but could not return'. Balakrishna Bhat, took out some poha from his rucksack and offered it to the pup. But it was looking horrified to see group of human beings amidst the forest, and soon ran and disappeared in the jungle.
Then we forgot about the dog, and continued our journey. We reached the base of Ethhina Bhuja, where we had no option but to leave our luggage and climb the steep rocky structure. We reached top, spent sometime there, and we were so hungry that we badly were in search of water spot which was still a kilo meter away. So hurriedly, we descended from the top.
Alas! the pup was smiling at us ! Though weak, and about to fall down, he could manage to reach us. It appeared as if he was thinking us last ray of hope for survival. Some one gave some Semige to the pup, another pored some water. Pup had no energey even to eat it, still he swallowed whatever available.
Suggestions came from all corners about the future of that poor creature. But Eshwaranna had already made up his mind, 'Ill take him home, he is weak now, but will definitely pick up in a week', he told us.
As he told, he got one plastic bag from us, made a hole in it, put the pup inside, and now pup was really had a look of gratitude on its face.
If next time we visit Ethina Bhuja, we have to see Eswaranna's dog, nagesh announced, and we all gave a nod.


Pram said...

Hi my name is Pramod Morjaria and I'm a radio journalist with the BBC World Service in London. We are coming to Mangalore in 3 weeks time to make a radio programme and I'd like to speak with you. Can you contact me please at with a telephone number I can reach you on. Thanks

Rajesh Dangi said...

nice post!

Pls convey my salute to Eshwaranna!!

Maxim said...

Hi Venu, it was a wonderful feeling to have rescued a poor dog. Thanks for posting it. Now you can view my blog lifesmaxim@blogspot. I made a small begining. You made it possible. Thanks a lot.
Hope to join you during Kudremukh trekking.