Mangalore back in track

AFTER two days bundh, called by Bajrang dal and Sriram sena, 4 days undeclared bundh, i.e curfew imposed by district administration, now Mangalore seems to be normal. The communal riot in Mangalore, Ullal was hyped by our so called national channels, NDTV, Cnn Ibn, Aaj Tak, even when local and regional channels were just showing the reality. But these channels took a partisan step and 'created' the news! We local and regional media persons took a stand that we would not magnify any relatively 'sensitive' issues. Anyway, even after the continuous efforts of some of these media, the 'fact' finding committees to see mangalore burning, people seems to be liking peace and harmony. The wonderful thing to happen now is Ramzan and Deepavali two major festivals have come together. The message from God is clear-we must leave our all hatred, superstition and stay united. The last few days after curfew lifted, were witnessed by many organisation's, party leaders' visit to the sensitive areas of mangalore. One so called Fact(?) finding commitee which comprised leftists, held a press conference only to blame hindus for the communal riot, and another member told media never visited some places. To me, these so called rationalists would never realise the plight of the common men. They just want to spoil the situation or fish in the troubled waters. The reality behind the communal riots as media have understood is that it is the planned plot by some vested interests. Anyway these are all termed as assumptions and yet to be confirmed by COD, and Additional Chief Secretary Mr.Agrawal, who are conducting inquiry in to the matter. Now the only thing we can rejoice is Mangaloreans have atleast forcefully unlearned the bad dreams of curfew. Kids again are playing in the streets, Clocks in the towers have once again started moving!
So all friends and folks you can now without any fear can visit this amazing place KUDLA, i.e mangalore. Have a look at the astonishing temples, beautiful beaches, old churches. Have tasty sea food, drink narial pani(tender cocanut). Mangalore is no more burning.


maavinayanasa said...

very nice blog. it appears you are a journalist. am feeling as if i am reading online newspaper.

do you have kannada blog too? will search for the same now.

please continue good work.

shakri said...

Bundhs are such a criminal activity. It hurts to see such things happen in todays India where we are supposed to helping the nation move forward.

I am glad Mangalore is back in the right kind of action. I hope it stays that way.

Wishful thinking.

VENU VINOD said...

you are right in your thinking. thank you very much for encouraging words, and keep coming. i've kannada blog too.

i agree with you. bundhs are happening every now and then with no such comprehensive reason.

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

I hate communists.They claim to be atheist but they participate in other relgious festivals except that of Hindus.

Communists are the most partisan people I have ever known.

mouna said...

bundhs do take place, but the hype attached to it, by these channels are so frustating. guess they all do it to increase their viewership rates!! thank heavens taht m'lore is back to normal.

VENU VINOD said...

i too agree with you, most of the times the community you mentioned seems to be in ivory towers.

As far as my knowledge concerned, some of these channels, work for some political party, and accordingly they 'create' news, which they call as scoop, and they call themselves as national channels, its sickening.

Deepshikha said...

we are quick to blame politicos and media but what we do forget that they are "our" representatives, they have been selected by "us" and the till the day we keep electing such losers based on weak ideologies all our miseries would remain our fault.

VENU VINOD said...

ya, educated remain away from politics is the real cause behind failure of our democracy, i think