Mangalore in curfew

Rush in a grossary shop during relax of curfew
My blog has been struck here from last few days, since Mangalore is in a serious situation. Curfew has been imposed for 2 days here. Curfew has been a rare condition here in this coastal city. Mangalore, a city which people call has scope for tourism and industrial expansion, now grappling in bundh, curfew and similar situations. Since Navaratri, vegetable and grossary supply has been cut to this from rest of the districts. Suddenly people started fearing this situation. People without having anything to eat at home, depending upon junk food like chips, maggie etc. The second day of curfew, on sunday curfew was relaxed for 2 hours, during which, people rushed out of home to get necessary items like milk, news paper, grossary. Huge queue was found infront of grossary shops, chicken centresm, milk booths and petrol bunks.
Right now we the journalists here spent 3-4 days night without sleep, with for each hour the situation changing, making us to change our reports. will file about the situation and lot more if get time, in the next post.

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