Bandaje falls enchants

  1. You are a hardcore trekker, and want a hard place to conquer.
  2. You like to see the evergreen forests, and shola clad mountain peaks of western ghats.
  3. You dream to have a cool bath amidst thick forests, where nobody can have a peep:)

Then here the famous Bandaje Falls welcomes you! western ghats provide ample oppotunity to the trekkers for admiring awesome nature and each place in the ghats is different in its feature. So Bandaje too is quite different and a 365 days flowing falls. Eventhough a famous falls, this spot is clean and tidy, and nature is left unharmed, mainly because piknic freaks dont dare to come over here. As the onward journey to the upper part to the falls is pretty tiresome, which expects tremendous energy. So those who love nature are the usual goers to Bandaje falls. If you start from Mangalore, towards Chikmagalore, you have to get down at Somantadka 4 kmts from Ujire. Its 2.5 hours journey from Mangalore to Somantadka by bus. You can hire a jeep at Somantadka and go to Valambra, which is the starting point of trek. In valambra you will find A Gowda house, the owner is Venkatraman Gowda, who usually provides all necessary information and bottlefull of water too. From there you have to a couple of kilometres in hot sun and this journey is tiresome. But once you enter the thick forest area, you dont have the problem from scorching sun. But its the height, which poses all kinds of difficulty for not only to the beginner, but to the experienced trekker too. Usually after tiresome trek of around 5 hours exhausted, you reach grassland which is stark except a few palm trees. In another one hour, you will have a glimpse of the falls, and another half an hour, you will be right near the falls. You can swim in a pond just a few metres above the falls, and can refresh all your tiredness. Bandaje jumps to a valley nearly 200 feets deep. One can trek to the bottom of the falls too, for that that you have to deviate in your journey when you find a water stream below, and follow the stream, which takes you to the bottom.
Our trekking team stayed atop hill listening to the sounds of beckoning hills, roaring falls and chirping birds. The next morning we saw a dramatic sky around, which altogether brought so much joy and spirit.


ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...

Hi Venu.

BanDaje-ge naaninnu hogilla. Nimma post noDida naMtara hogabEkennisuttide. Chennaagide. bike haagu bikers bagge bareda post chennaagide. ella post-gaLannu eega odlilla. nalkaaru odide ashTe. uLidavugaLannu ivattu raatri Odi mugisalEbEku. bareyuttaa iri....rajesh.

sharath said...

thanks fo info...... it ws short an helpfull.......