Dont we need shady trees?

They always have been the targets in the gallop of a country. Be it highways, or pipelines, dams, mining…in all these big projects, we have cut lakhs of trees.

Karnataka state has not lagged behind in this national phenomenon.

Recently we have another dream project, which has already set in, the fourlaning of national highways. The stretch of highway between Suratkal and B.C.Road of Bantwal taluk is being upgraded in to fourlane road. Main purpose of the project is to meet the demand of vehicle traffic and port connectivity.

As expected we had our trees cut in the initial stage of the project. As many as 600 big trees are cut. Using powerful bulldozers, within a few hours IRCON, the agency, which has got the fourlaning contract, cleared the tree cover beside the road.

It is true that we need our roads to be widened, and if required, we have to cut trees. The important thing is our departments forget to replace the tree cover once the project is finished.

So we have been losing out greenery, which is of utmost necessity to human beings to survive.


Mahesh said...

Hi venu, As you said i am not agree with your viewpoints about cutting the trees. Its true we need development of our state. But the PROJECTS of government is not looking towards long future. Its planned for 2-3 years only. Look at the Mangalore roads now. Its not possible to Park the vehicle in a particular place. Why it happened? The 'rulers' thought only about the urgent needs of ealy 1990's. They didnt look beyond that.Why our administrators not looking into the long Future of a project for development.

As your argument we should plant trees wherever possible. Cutting of trees should be stopped. WE should save our environment.

Lets take the initiatives.

Your blog looking nice because of using photos. Expecting much more critical writeup about the Administration...

VENU VINOD said...

thaks mahesh for supporting my views. But iam horrified when i imagine the picture of this city in the next few years, a city with only few trees, no potable ground water, with borewells going deep and deep every year, a common person cant take breath properly.
Only God can save us:(

vinaya said...

It is always easy to oppose a change but difficult to give a solution. Though I am quiet vocal about protecting nature but at the same time development is must. What is important is that we should focus our attention in providing alternative is always easy to be critical in life but difficult to provide noteworthy solutions.......Things are interlinked and inter-twined in nature and we must somehow try to preserve the ecological balance but at the same time shouldnot oppose developments.

VENU VINOD said...

hi, thanks for honest comment

But at the same time you should have understood that i have not opposed developments, and i have not lagged behind in suggesting practical solutions too. i told the authorities have to grow more trees once they complete a project. But they have never done it before. I have been watching mangalore from 10-12 years, and you ask any elders, about the trend. Development is needed but not at the cost of human being. what will you do if you are left on a wide and nice road in the scorching sun where you wont find some greenary?

sowmya said...

Hi Venu!
Nice platform to voice your opinion! Congrats!
I agree that no development is sensible in this country. Primarily because there is no accountability. Each organisation that is entrusted with a project, must be made accountable. In the sense, it should be seen that no damage is caused to the environment because orf the 'development'. Also, there is just NO WILL among politicians to undertake any developmental activity. EVen the ones being undertaken are just because they HAVE TO do something, so that they can demand more votes! SO there is really no honesty in any of the projects.
Also, we are in a laidback society, where we do not believe in taking initiatives, nor do we question any wrongdoing.
I think this is all a vicious cycle, and each one of us is kind of responsible in some way or the other...