Rain brings memories

Feels like i'm walking in the rain
I find myself trying to wash away the pain
Cause i need you to give me some shelter
Cause i'm fading away
And baby, i'm walking in the rain
-John Ray

From last four days, rain has started to lash south kanara district, which has not only cooled the earth but also dampened my memories. Every year, its does so. Especially the AATI MALE(rain in June end-July), during the same period, we loved to go out with friends, classmates and play water splashing games.
I came from Kasargod district, in which there is a place called Maniyampare(the name is rightly put since there we find laterite stone spread all over). Maniampare has got so many small ponds or PALLA and it was best water game place for children and offcourse for buffaloes.
It was in the same period, when it was raining cats and dogs, we had to travel considerable distance to reach school. Still we were enjoying our journey to school. After school, home going was still more pleasurable. Mother used to prepare hot coffee and snacks, most of the times tukdi made of jack fruit.
Our garden has so many ponds and small streams, where with my friends, i used to play whole day during holidays.
After getting cold and fever, mother used to care much, make me sleep in bed fully cover with woolen bed sheet and sit by my side. God it was the best feeling in ones life getting care by mother!
Still my mother is with me. She still loves me, but my job makes me out of home most of the time. Now also its raining heavily, i rush to perform my duty. Then when nostalgia rushes to my mind, work becomes easier. This may be the feeling of several.


Ismail.A said...

Nice words Mr. Venu
Your explanation is very natural
A child also can understand
We know rain is a pleasure
It’s a gift from god
But still we are purchasing umbrella
I hope your article will change our people mind
My opinion may be wrong
But I hope in this case what I am thinking that’s correct

Prashanth CM said...

Hi Vinod,

Nice memories...
Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope to see you more often :)


VENU VINOD said...

hi prashant,
Thanks for you too, keep coming here