No show off, just you and me! blessings from all!

Hundreds of truly blessing hearts around...rhythmic beat of 'chenda' (drum type of musical instrument) and 'valaga' (another musical instrument)...encouraging words of your close relatives...what else you want when you enter in to a wedlock!
When the dusk set in the sky, 125 pairs et in Dharmasthala a town in South Kanara district of Karnataka.

This has been a regular scene in Shree kshetra Dharmastala since 34 years. The welfare project, which aims at simplifying and applying a kind of brake on costly marriages.

The Dharmastala which is known for its 'anna dana', 'vidya dana' and 'nyaya dana'(three type of charity work daily meals programme, free education and disbursing justice), and the mass marriage ceremony is equally famous among Heggade's other welfare programmes.

Even though the marriage is held under the auspices of Dharmasthala Heggade, The couples are allowed to obey their own religious practices. After that religious head from Kshetra preaches the oath, which stresses that the couple would not indulge in a manner, which will spoil them, or they would not get in to bad practices.

Earlier this, Dr.Veerendra Heggade distributes Mangalya to each of the couple. Under a single roof, more than hundred couple exchange garlands on the eve of Godhooli muhoortam, which is believed to be a very good for marriages.

There will neither be any show offs from unnecessary personalities, nor the exhibitionism from rich class.
The main intention behind arranging mass marriage is to promote simple marriages says Dr.Heggade. In the earlier times, the working class, primarily agricultural labourers had been in pathetic situation, and the young brides and bridegrooms had to face financials problems. Then it was thought that only mass marriage is a way to solve such a problem he says.
Heggade is happy for the issue that
many temple trusts and associations are keen on arranging such mass marriage ceremonies.

Pix: R.K.Bhat

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