First rain of joy off course with a few grave notes!

ts something like your dream….a little bit like a mother pouring water on her young child…You crave for it especially in the areas where it sweats a lot….

The first rain which anyone welcome with utmost joy. Children love getting under the downpour, playing in it, even though their mothers will not allow them to. The elders too, like it especially the redolence, the first rain spreads over.

We in cities in the name of development, pile up enough dirt allover the buildings, the trees if any remaining, which can be cleansed only by the first rain! It cleanses the roads, buildings and scum and sludge layers on the grizzled petty shops and hoardings.

Happiness not for all ! : Like other cities, Mangalore alias Kudla also experienced its first rain on May 4th which in general brought enough happiness to people, but not so for some specific reasons.

The development drive taken up by some apartment builders in mangalore and the seashore areas of Hosabettu and Chitrapur, causing nightmares to the residents there. A main stream which takes the rain water from the low lying areas of Hosabettu is now filled with soil, for building purpose. The villagers are appealing continuously the district administration for taking necessary steps.

These low-lying areas, which were once paddy fields, and now kept idle. Since the farmers families have hardly any interest in cultivation, they find it better alternative to sell the land to all-powerful apartment builders.

The residents of Hosabettu and chitraputr are also alleging that the Tavarekere a lake which is under government’s hand could fall in to the builders hand. So they have asked DC of dakshina kannada to preserve the lake.

The problem of unscientific land filling is sure to pose grave problems to local administration. The problem is not only seen in Hosabettu, but also in Jeppu, Kottara and several other areas, where loads of soil is being dumped in the way of streams. And there is a possibility of Mangalore becoming Bangalore at least with regard to drainage system concerned, if not in development.

So the first rain has come with a clarion call to administration, to get ready for coming mansoon.


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