Now spots for trekkers!

Very soon the the charming western ghats are going to be deathtraps for trekkers and the lovers of nature.
The spread of naxalites to the interiors of dakshina kannada, udupi, chikkmagalore and parts of shimoga has only worsened the situation. Already parts of dakshina kannada like neriya, shishila in belthangady taluk have become strongholds of ganja mafia.
Just few days before a person called chandrashekhar gore in hathyadka near shishila Now these naxalites are creating a kind of fear in this area. This has also effected the very spirit of the trekkers.
There is either a possibility of being shot dead by anti naxal squad misinterpreting a cargo clad, with rucksack on back trekker as a hardcore naxal, or by naxals who may think viceversa.
The famous trekking points like Barhana Abbi, Jogigundi, ArshinaGundi, evergreen Kudremukha peak, a series of peaks like kodekallu, minchukallu, erikallu in charmadi ghat are now on a scanner by police.
So an ardent lover of nature now no longer can enter in to the forest. Mangalore youth hostel secreatary Dinesh Holla too has expressed helplessness on the situation.
The main concern of him is on the possibility of treekers could now be seen in a suspicious eye by the villagers who reside near some of theses spots.
He told a villager near Elaneeru, many a times helped youthhostelites in assisting for Hirimariguppe and Elaneer Falls trekking is nowadays avoiding any calls made to him.
The problem of naxalites seems to be spreading day by day and trekkers losing their loved nature spots, but this pain is nothing against the pain and losses faced by the residents of these areas.


ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...

Rightly said Venu. thinking of this no good situation for nature lovers makes me feel sick. Lets just hope that there will be a solution soon.

sree-2007 said...

Why not updating English Blog.Hope to see you new write ups in coming days

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