Suryakirans dance over arabian sea

For the first time, mangaloreans got the opportunity to witness an amazing aerobatic show by TEAM SURYAKIRAN of much famed Indian Airforce.
Panambur beach marked the occassion to highest crowd pulling event in the recent past. The show was split in to two session. One was in the early hours of the day at 8.15 and second session was organized at 3.15.

A very large gathering was ready to witness the show even in the lazy warmer sunday. The crowd was expecting a full team of 9 aircrafts but they were in a way disappointed as only 3 kiran aircrafts appeared in the sky. It was just a practice session.
But the second show was appreciated by the crowd, since the full force of 9 planes undertook various skills that an Indian Airforce pilot is capable of. The loops, twists, barrel rolls, turns, star bursts, 5+1 cross, mirror run and such other skills enthralled a delectated crowd.

People cheered, clapped and children danced when the orange-white painted planes flied over their heads. They were dumb struck when two kirans rushed in opposite direction and were about to hit each other, but crowd could breathe easy when they saw the planes just could escape from hitting.
The show lasted for nearly 25 minutes. Surya kiran is an formation aerobatic team of Indian Airforce, which is stationed at Bidar of Karnataka. Kiran MK-II is the plane involved in the show. It can reach a maximum speed of 780 Kilo meters per hour.
More informations on the Surya Kiran enter this site.

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