hospitality of uttarakannada

Recently i visited the prestine Uttar kannada district. Actually I had to bring a cocanut tree climber from Bhatkal industrial area. But fortunately the machine was not ready and no way i could return empty handed.
Mr G.T.Bhat who accompanied me belongs to Kumta in uttar kannada, and he forced me and Mr.Balakrishna to visit his home nad stay there. His contention was we could visit a few interesting places nearby and next day we could collect the climber and return to mangalore.
We thought and thought, we didn't have any thing not even a bathtowel to stay in anywhere as we had planned to return the same day. But owing to the pressure from Bhat, we had no options but to accept his advise.
So we caught a bus from Bhatkal and went to Kumta and from there to Hegade, where Mr Bhat's home is located. It was a nice journey we could see the ground-nut fields all along in both sides of the national highway-17. The climate is similar to that of Dakshin kannada district, since Kumta is also a coastal town.
The beauty of Uttar kannada is special because, we can spot the lush green paddy fields, large ponds, huge-sturdy buffallows, hardworking people. People are known for hospitality. You go to any home there, i bet they will make you stay and have lunch there even if you are a stranger!
Bhat's house is half home and half temple. Actually its a 'matha', where his forefathers used to offer pooja and lived in the name of God. The house may be some 50 years old. The centre of house is occupied by Lord Ganesha. Even the village people come there to offer pooja.
Bhat is an interesting personality. He was an officer in one of the fertilisers industry in Mangalore. He opted for voluntatry retirement scheme, and settled in his native. He could have settled in posh areas of Mangalore. But he is so simple and humble. His father and wife are no more, his two daughters are abroad. And Bhat stays with an assistant in that remote village.
So we had a fine lunch in his house, which consisted 'hashi' a dish which was made of buttermilk and cucumber, sambar, and rice, a simple menu. We also had a small siesta.
Later in the evening Bhat took is to Aghanashini estuary area. We walked by the waters in one side and the huts of fishermen at another side. Saw the setting sun, crossed aghanashini river to reach the Tadadi fishing jetty and returned by the same boat. And as we went on talking about various issues, Bhat broke in to tears, when he had to untie the bundle of grief of the death of his father and wife. The sea after sunset was roaring, and our eyes were moist.
Then we returned to Hegade. Night was even special in Bhat's house, as his assistant had prepared famous kesaribhat another u.k special sweet.
Next morning we visited apsarkonda near honnavar, which a sea side point. We can find hillock in the shore of sea, which is a fine picnik point.
We then walked towards Idagunji temple, where the main deity is Lord Ganesha, the sculpture of Ganesha is very nice.
Time was to bid good bye to Bhat, we thanked him for his hospitality and came to bhatkal to collect the coconut climber. It was ready and we purchased a unit and returned to mangalore.
To cherish Bhat's hospitality, we had brought a bottle of Kesaribhat with us. Kesaribhat would simbolise the hospitality of whole north kanara!

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The wild said...

Excellent narration ,it is just one of things when you wont expect anything ,you have the most beautiful things on offer !!