when mother is out!!!

You can call this home alone special edition!
Its sure and is a mother is integral part of anyone, be it a animal or human being...
Mothers most of the time are responsible at least to their children and to their home, and duty-bound. All this eventhough i knew , but it took 26 years to realize. I could never appreciate a mother or take any woman in a home. I knew she is important, but never ever be able to understand how crucial she is maintaining the smooth functioning of an 'Industry' called HOME!
I'll call it an industry, as home creates an environment to each individual in its own way and influences his or personality. A father may look into financial matters of the family, and monitor social status of his family.But it is the mother who acts as chief executive officer and right from kithen to guest room, from garden to family functions, scrutinising her children's studies to examining each family members' health. She coordinates each and everything , i see it amazing, when i am down with fever, i cant even walk, but when my mother is ill, still she gathers her energy not to allow me to work and manage to arrange home.
Funny part of my life:
All these feelings suddenly came in to my mind when i miss my mother, for some reason she is not at home, probably for next few weeks. All of a sudden, i had to kindle gas stove, cook food for myself{so nobody there to critize the outcome:)}, she had directed me what to do and what not, still i stumble at many stages of cuisine. once i kept milk on stove and came out to see whether newspaper has come, when i returned milk had spilled over stove, another time, i prepared dal, which ultimately became a kind of watery flavourless fluid, which i had to push in to stomach without choice and i was interested to master the basic art of cuisine.
Still now i could understand this art about 10 per cent, and i hope when mom returns i should be able to prepare rice and dal for her.
Only these several days taught me a lesson NEVER THINK SHE IS 'NOT SO IMPORTANT', but think mom is ever ever important, she is the leader of home. But this doesnot mean she has to work round the clock, but my idea is 'only mom can be a mom'.

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