Be a bike freak !

Vroooooooom......You might have seen mercurial Yamaha rx 100 bikes accelerating amidst heavy traffic in the cities. Then you might giggle yourself and say mad boys! Certainly there is a kind of attraction in biking!
There are many friends of mine who have bikes, and most of them love their bikes like their soulmates! I have seen many of them embellish and glamorize the bikes.
One of my friend Joymayya has done wonders with his Hero Honda Splendor plus. The 2 mirrors have been removed and a Moto-D race tyre has bettered the look, the steel carrier in the back has been replaced by sturdy looking black matt. Simple car mud flap replaces the original hero honda one, and now Splendor looks entirely different. The earlier elegance replaced by robust look! Mayya does not prefer tank covers, he says it disfigures the look :-)
Even i have been influenced by him and now my Splendor has changed a bit.
My photographer friend R.K.Bhat has suggested me to add some more sponge in to my bike seat, and after following his advice, i feel not only comfortable but also heightened in look! I have seen some persons careless about their bikes, those bikes...God! i really pity about them, sadly look hangdog, often not washed, with mud allover the engine, silnencer, and entire body appear to me completely dull.
Earlier , i too was lazy in washing my Splendor, but after listening to some of my friends, now i got my black splendor painted again, as it turned grey. Now because of my sheer passion, bike is awesome, it gives economical mileage and also steals my heart like a girl friend:-)
So my advice for bikers is that, love your bikes, adorn them, revitilse them, they would be loyal to you, like your loved ones.


Deepa said...

Bikes are amazing I agree. You ought to be a member of one of those bike gangs. They conduct biking trips even to the Himalayas often. i am sure they would be amazing!

VENU VINOD said...

Yes deepa.
I wanted to join one of those bikers clubs. But here in mangalore i dont see such clubs. But me, krish, and a few friends have formed an unofficial gang and whenever time permitts, we go biking.
Thanks for being here

jsr said...

Just saw your comment on my blog!
Location does not matter to join BN
Take a look at (BikeNomads)