'Lion king' expected at pilikula zoo

If everything works well, mangaloreans and the tourist coming here would be fortunate enough to have a glimpse of Asiatic lions, within a month.

The only Zoological park in D.K. district which is situated in Pilikula(where it is told that tigers used to come to drink water in a lake here) would be having Asiatic lions. The zoo authorities are contemplating to bring such Indian breed lions from Gir forests, which are situated in Gujrath. The other zoo in the state has the foreign breed lions, which belong to afro-Asiatic origin. There is likely that one male and 2 lionesses may be brought to pilikula.

Now Central Zoo Authority has upgraded the zoo to the status of medium zoo, around 4 months back, after thorough inspection. The animal health, total management is a reason for this promotion says the director Jayaprakash Bhandari.

Right now zoo has got 3 tigers, 3 leopards, sambar, monkies, deer, variety of snakes including king cobra. The Zoo has to shed around 15 lakhs Rs. Annually for the maintenance of the zoo including feeding cost.

Recently zoo has started adoption system, which has ignited a nice response from mangalore entrepreneurs. Around 6.25 lakhs Rs has been collected already within a period of 3 months after the announcement of adoption system.

The approach road to pilikula zoo is posing problem. The road still left without tar. The stones on the road are a big problem for two wheelers. The gate collection is estimated around to be 12 lakhs Rs. Says Bhandari.

The gate collection would go beyond 15-17 lakhs Rs annually if the road is well maintained. And the tourist can be satiated well.


Deepa said...

good one. nice pictures. keep it going.

vinaya said...

Animals in Zoos are always a tortured lot.... that is where they are not exactly supposed to be.....they are meant to roam around in the wild...If you have been to Pilikula or to any other Zoo in India you will really feel for their sad plights? Can you contemplate leading your own life in cage with restricted movements and food... living a caged existence with all the time human visitors coming and looking at you? I am sure the answer would be no, so why expect the animals to lose their freedom and live a caged existence. Birds are meant to fly in the open air are caged just to amuse the children and humans ? That is not right? we humans are a selfish lot. Animals should be at best left at their natural habitat...not in Zoo's or parks.....

VENU VINOD said...

i can understand your concerns, but can you have some solutions? Again a question arises is not unjust to a dog you having at home?
But to me, animals now are nowhere safe not even in dense forests too, as man has entered there also.