Enchanting western ghat...the seriously looking rocks...the long and roaring goods trains pulled and pushed by several engines... .and amidst these settings jumps `Doodhsagar' the name means ocean of milk in hindi.
This picturesque falls can be spotted on the trainway which runs from Madgon to Londa. The speciality of the falls is that the top of falls is in Karnataka where as the bottom is in Goa. On your way to Doodhsagar, aroun 2 Kmt before the exact spot of falls, you can get the glimpse from varoius angles. There is only train to take you there. Otherwise you should be ready to spend more than 2,000 Rs for Tracks service available from Kulem, which only foreigners chose.
One can erect a tent near the falls, and spend the night with the backdrop of roaring falls, gigantic goods trains and the serenity of thick forest.
Why delay? Rush now....you can still find enough water in falls....which gives different view altogether in the rainy season.

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