Can we save KUDLA?

Multiplex….Pizzahut….ATMs in every corner….multistoried buildings….concretized roads…So Are you happy Mangalorean?

A person with a bit concern can just think and analyze the direction of Mangalore city's development. Our builders are ready to bulldoze any hill or forest canopy in the city, for them all these are mere obstacles to so called development.

So from last 2-3 years, we see the buildings without shades of tree. The sad thing is that most of us too have started to believe that life is just earning, spending and nothing else. Its not fair to generalise but still most of us neither like our children play in the shades of trees, nor we are ready to allow them to play in the village with their The easy money has started to come through mushrooming call centers and such other institutions. So for the professionals here we have got multiplex, pizza centers.

The irony is that our lalbagh hasn’t a single tree. So now we can happily change the name to concretebagh!

How nice our MG road is now without those old trees!

No tiles house: We now don’t have those good old tile roofed houses. You dont see those green paddy fields in the city limits. Even if a farmer is happy ploughing, our builders are brilliant enough to lure them, and acquire the land. If a NRI who had gone to foreign a few years back and if he returns now, it may be hard for him to identify his own house and surroundings.

We see a few such traditional houses in old port area. Similarly we can spot a few trees at kadri gudda and old court hills. The famous light house hill looks paralyzed after it was dozed and now its converted to a big ditch. The famous woodside hotel and the cool trees around are no more. Within a few months we can see a skyscraper over here.

Finally, who has to correct all these? A question needs to be answered soon, lest we will loose our beautiful costal city KUDLA forever.

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